“There is no greater threat to
humanity than the climate
crisis. It is imperative that we
take accountability for what we
produce and where it ends.”

Ajay Bhoja is the proud brainparent of Circularship. Being a lover of nature, single use
products are his arch nemesis. As an eco-conscious entrepreneur, his passion lies within
circular economics.


Ajay’s career primarily focused in the beverage industry for 12 years where he excelled in
business development, sales, marketing, and brand creation. Unfortunately, he was also
exposed to a an abundance of waste which eventually drove him to leaving the beverage
industry to dedicate his time to environmentally sustainable businesses. The ever growing
e-commerce industry drove Ajay to develop the Circularship pod in effort to eliminate single
use packaging and divert waste out of our landfills.


Ajay is a first generation American Indian born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He grew up
with an entrepreneur family and from a young age took an interest in learning how to make
things operationally efficient. He went on to earn a Business Administration degree at the
University of Nebraska. He is a U.S. Marine Veteran having served 6 years in the reserves.


Ajay currently resides in Denver, CO where his access to nature and environmentally
sustainable partners is abundant. His ultimate goal in life is to solve the challenging issues we
face with landfills that produce methane gases by applying true circular recycling.